Quick-Step Floors Cycling is more than just a cycling team, it wants to be an example. And For that very reason Quick-Step Floors Cycling feels it’s important to have a positive impact on both its stakeholders and the environment. It would be selfish to not think about the environment. The races in stunning landscapes should remain accessible for future generations and that is why QST aims to reduce its environmental impact and increase the focus on clean energy. Clean energy is already transforming today’s world of sports, so why wait? Quick-Step Floors Cycling wants to engage in a cleaner future and be the example.Even today, Quick-Step is already implementing several clean energy projects. These are just some examples of clean energy and will be further improved and implemented in 2019.

Quick-Step Floors Cycling Team is also a real power team! On average the entire team rides for about 25.650 hours in a single year, cover over 864.000 km and do around 4.860.000 metres of elevation. These numbers probably don’t mean much to you but they will surprise you to say the least.

If these hours are translated into days, the team would have 1070 days of non stop riding. If you compare this to watching a movie, they would’ve watched the Titanic about 7893 times. Note that the Mount Everest has a height of 8848 metres, meaning the team would ride it 550 times. And how about the distance covered? Well, they could ride to the moon and back and still have several thousand metres left to ride. Another incredible number is the amount of times they would go around the globe, not once, but 21 times to be precise!

What does this have to do with power? Consider this: a microwave oven uses 1000 – 1500 Watt to heat food, which is one of the most power absorbent household appliances. Compare this to one of our top cyclists Iljo Keisse, who reaches an impressive 1.239 Watt at his peak sprint moment. During the entire race of ‘De Ronde Van Vlaanderen’ Iljo had an average power of 333 Watt, which can light up to almost 6 Led TV’s at the same time! Maybe we should add Quick-Step’s manpower to the list of renewable energy sources?


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